The Real Cost of Hogwarts

Putting a Muggle price on something in the wizarding world of Harry Potter sounds like an impossible task. After all, having even one magical item or magical building would be priceless. That didn’t stop David Cross from trying to do the impossible (no, not that David Cross). Writing for the real estate website Movoto, Cross decided to figure out the theoretical real estate value for the wizarding school of Hogwarts. To calculate the cost, he used three determining factors for trying to establish a price: location, comparison to other similar real estate, and square footage.

In the books and the movies, it never says where Hogwarts is located, but there are clues throughout the series that indicate the school is situated in the United Kingdom. The Hogwarts Express leaves from London at 11:00 AM, travels 105 kilometers (65 mi) per hour, and arrives at Hogwarts at sunset. That means, logistically, the only place it could go is Scotland. With that in mind, the landscape and environment depicted in the books and movies resemble the area known as Galloway Hills. Looking at large and expensive houses in the area, Cross determined that the average price per square foot would be $493.

Next, Cross had to figure out how big Hogwarts is. Using scale models, he figured out that Hogwarts sits on a property that is approximately 28 acres. As for the building itself, he calculated the square footage based on the amount of students that attend the school every year, which is 280 pupils. If there are 20 students per class, and each student needs 5.6 square meters (50 ft2) to learn, then each classroom would be 93 square meters (1,000 ft2).

That means the school, which is seven stories with towers and an underground area, would have a total space of 38,000 square meters (414,000 ft2). However, this does not seem to include specialty rooms like the teachers’ offices, living quarters, a Quidditch pitch, or the Great Hall. But just for the land, main building, and towers, the real estate of Hogwarts is valued at around $204 million. But that is definitely worth the investment if it comes with the Room of Requirement.